Ministry Trip to Erbil, Kurdistan

Over the past couple months, as we’ve watched the truly horrific ISIS takeover of Syria and Iraq, I’ve been repeatedly asking the Lord what good we might find in the midst of all this chaos. Increasingly, I’ve become solidly convinced that the eyes of the Lord are presently on Kurdish region of northern Iraq. Even as the Iraqi Kurds are crying out for US military support, how much more do they need abundant support from the Body of Messiah? I am convinced that now is the window of opportunity to pour in all of the resources we have. From prayer, to encouragement, to ministry to the hundreds of thousands of displaced people now encamped throughout the region, the opportunity there is absolutely immense. Yes, the Kurds need support from the US to help them guard their ancient homeland, but far more so, they need a wall of prayer to guard the millions of peoples scattered like lost sheep across the region. The Church also is in great need of encouragement. As many speak of Christianity disappearing from Iraq, there are yet some evangelical Christians still there. But as many are leaving or considering leaving, I am convinced that they need to be encouraged to see not only the danger, but the tremendous opportunity—to see what the Lord is doing and what He is about to do!


As I look at pictures of the fields of endless white tents, housing hundreds of thousands of displaced families, not only have many of these people seen firsthand the true face of Islam, but they’re also in a moment of profound crisis and need. The fields are white unto harvest. Already, many of those working there are testifying of many the wonderful things taking place. From miracles to salvations, once again, the Lord is moving over the waters of the deep.

In that day Israel will be the third party with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth, whom the LORD of hosts has blessed, saying, “Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.” (Isaiah 19:24-25)

Later this winter (I don’t have a date set yet) I have set my heart to go to Irbil, the capitol of Kurdistan in northern Iraq, right next to the Islamic State. I’d like to take a small team, including myself and two others. There would be several goals for the trip. First, to network with some of the ministries working there. My hope is to be able to direct those who would like to help those on the ground who already have their hands to the plow. Second, I would like to encourage the believers there. I firmly believe the prophetic Scriptures contain some truly wonderful promises for that region concerning a mighty revival in the last days. Third, I want to take some time to sent time with and minister to the displaced peoples. Fourth, I would like to film as much as possible in order to share firsthand all that the Lord is doing in the region.


In the map above, you can see the area in gold is controlled by the Islamic State. Erbil (or Arbil, or Irbil) is just to the north and east.

In order to make this trip happen, I need to raise all of the necessary funds. The bulk of the moneys needed are travel expenses for three. I also have a few pieces of equipment that I will need. If you would like to help make this trip happen, there are three ways to donate.

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