The Underground Episode 13: The Gog Magog War: Led by Turkey or Russia?

Covenant and Controversy: The Great Rage

For those who have not yet seen The Great Rage, it is now available for free. This is the first of a five part series. The Great Rage is also available to purchase as a DVD, with extra Bonus Features DVD, or to purchase for Streaming on Vimeo (which also gives you access to theContinue Reading

The Underground Episode 12: Th Prophetic Implications of Russian Troops on Syrian Soil

The Underground Episode 11: The European Muslim Refugee Crisis

Sheep Among Wolves: Official Trailer

Frontier Alliance International in association with Global Catalytic Ministries International present SHEEP AMONG WOLVES A film by Dalton Thomas and Joel Richardson. Coming winter 2015. We are still raising funds to complete production. For more information, or to donate to help make this film happen, click here:

The Underground Episode 10: Will the Jewish Temple be Rebuilt?

Important Reminder: Pre-Wrath / Pre-Trib Debate this Friday

A last minute reminder: There will be a very important and exciting event this Friday night, September 25. For the first time, two leading proponents of the respective rapture positions, Pre-tribulationalism and Pre-Wrath will debate. Dr. Thomas Ice, Founder of the Pre-Trib Research Center, and Alan E. Kurschner, of Eschatos Ministries will be holding theContinue Reading

The Underground Episode 9: What Must Happen Before the Return of Jesus?