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“An Islamic Antichrist? Joel Richardson Predicts A Muslim Satanic Figure”

“An Islamic Antichrist? Joel Richardson Predicts A Muslim Satanic Figure”

An article written by Religion News Service reporter Daniel Burke was featured this last week in multiple online news outlets. You can read the full article, at the Huffington Post. I do want to commend the reporter for writing what I felt was a very fair article.Continue Reading

Adnan Oktar: Joel Richardson and Christians “in the lap of the Antichrist and Satan himself”

Adnan Oktar: Joel Richardson and Christians “in the lap of the Antichrist and Satan himself”

Drew Zahn, WND A WND author’s bold claim that the biblical Antichrist will be Islamic has rankled one of the Mideast’s most dynamic personalities, prompting the creator of a TV show reportedly seen by millions to fire back that it’s not Muslims, but Christians who are “on the side of the Antichrist and Satan.”Continue Reading

New Book: “Islam the Cloak of Satan” by Jack Smith

I would like to recommend a new book: ԉslam the Cloak of AntichristԠby Pastor Jack Smith; Forward by Timothy R. Furnish, PH D. Order today by clicking the image below:

Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine?

First, I want to make mention of the three people who were killed last weekend in Overland Park, Kansas, a wealthier suburb of Kansas City. Although all three killed were Christians (two Methodists and one Catholic to be specific), the Neo-Nazi who killed them was seeking to randomly murder Jews at a local Jewish CommunityContinue Reading

Berlin’s Pergamon Museum closes for 5 years

This is interesting. The Altar of Zeus alternately known as the Pergamon Altar built between 197 and 156 B.C. formerly in Pergamon, Asia Minor, (today Bergama, Turkey) is now housed in Berlin’s Pergamon Museum. This is also the same altar that Jesus referred to as, “the Throne of Satan” in Revelation 2:13 ‘I know whereContinue Reading

Growing global Anti-Semitism: Rage against the Covenant

Behind all of the prophetic speculation, beyond all various signs that one might point to that signal the return of Christ, none is more relevant than the rising tide of global anti-Semitism. Of course, one could easily point to the redundant calls heard throughout the Islamic world for the elimination of the Jewish state, orContinue Reading

When does the Gog of Magog Invasion take place?

Over the past several years, I have argued extensively for the view that the invasion of “Gog of Magog”, as prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39 is simply another retelling of the many Antichrist prophecies found throughout the Bible. In other words, Gog is simply another name for Antichrist. My most thorough argument for thisContinue Reading

The Antichrist’s false peace treaty

Most premillennialists hold that the beginning of the final seven years before the return of Jesus will be marked by some form of deceptively made “peace treaty” or covenant between the Antichrist and the leadership of Israel. Opponents of this view argue that this belief is only found in Daniel 9:27 and no where else.Continue Reading